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Updated: Jul 17, 2018

We thought we should start a wish list of the books, films, plays, TV shows, exhibitions and other cultural products that we have come across on our online travels or have been directly recommended to us by preppers. This will include fiction and non-fiction (e.g. survival guides). If you have a recommendation to add to the list, any opinion on those listed, or would be willing to add your own review to out site, please let us know by commenting below. These books and films contain some sort of relevance, reference or representation of prepping or survivalism - good and bad. It does not represent how we understand prepping, but how prepping is represented in other cultural formats. *refers to something we've already read/seen but still need to get around to writing about. Once they've been reviewed on the blog, we'll move them off this list.

Books (fiction)

The Road by Cormac McCarthy (2006)*

Books (non-fiction)

The concise guide to self-sufficiency by John Seymour and Will Sutherland (2007)*

Preppers: History and the Cultural Phenomenon by Lynda King (2014)*

The Prepper's Water Survival Guide by Daisy Luther (2015)


Quarantine (2008)

The Road (2009)

Contagion (2011)*

Take Shelter (2011)

The Survivalist (2015)*

The Martian (2015)*

10 Cloverfield Land (2016)

TV Shows

Survivors (1975 and 2008* remake)

The Handmaid's Tale (2017)* - opening sequence


In Case of Emergency (2017-2018; Dublin Science Gallery)*

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