Prepping 'Shopping List'

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Whilst conducting this research, we are keeping a diary of all the recommended food, objects, tools and camping gear and the tips that we are coming across. We are going to put all of this together in an ongoing 'shopping list' as the project develops. We hope that this will be useful for people interested in prepping. By the end of the research, we hope to have a really detailed and comprehensive list, to reflect back the recommendations we have come across.

Our listing things here is not an endorsement for any products or items, simply a recording of the things we have come across – legal, illegal, branded and unbranded. The tips may not be healthy, or safe. This list is for information purposes only and represents the ideas and recommendations being shared by UK preppers online, not those of the researchers.

Please feel free to comment after reading this post. As this is a research website, please note that any comments made may be included in the research. Do not share your name or any identifying details. Your anonymity will be protected in any research publications.

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