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Updated: Jul 17, 2018

We are learning that prepping is an ongoing process, rather than ever producing a point at which you can say 'Done it - I'm completely prepared!' At the same time, sometimes life gets busy and our ability to keep up with our ideal preps slips down the priority list, to be returned to and picked up again at later points. Prepping also touches on a host of different areas of life and cannot be ring-fenced - shopping, storing and preparing food, getting fit, keeping an allotment, managing medications, organising different retirement options - all things that 'non-preppers' also do.

In the posts associated with this category, we will keep notes on the preps that we are starting to take, the things we want to do (but haven't quite got around to) and on practices that share some overlaps or allow us to reflect on their differences with prepping. This might include: starting an allotment (I got my first half plot this Feb!); pickling and preserving food (I'm going to make Sonia lead our experiments on this - she seems to have a thing for pickled cabbage); end of life preparations (organising a will etc); preparing kids for the future (reflections on schooling and contemporary childhood); getting fit (I have a vague commitment to finally start running this year).

In terms of more traditional preps, I'm going to focus first on our water dependency; I'll sort through the kitchen cupboards and start to think how we can have more of a supply of food in our home; I'll put together an emergency breakdown bag for the car; and I'll go on some courses to learn basic bushcraft survival skills and first aid. Right, better get cracking!

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