First-Aid Kits, Boxes and Supplies

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Medical supplies, natural remedies, first-aid skills and health concerns in the prepping community

In this blog post, we will keep a record of the supplies people online recommend to keep in their first-aid kits - both for mobile use, and stored at home.


One of the frequent concerns explored online is how will people safeguard their health and wellbeing in the event of future catastrophe.

We are therefore keen to consider what people plan to do if the everyday health services we rely on became unavailable; the kit and supplies people store at home, the skills they learn and the knowledge they are developing. Below is an ongoing list of materials, resources and tips we have been building from the conversations we are observing online.

Medical Supplies List


Plasters of various sizes Bandages

Crepe Steri-strips Superglue Tweezers Eye bath Syringes for flushing out wounds

Paracetamol Ibuprofen Aspirin Imodium Laxative Hibiscrub

Fish antibiotics





Antiseptic Wipes



There are a range of tips shared online, from home remedies to skills learned through professional experience. Here are a few to indicate the range. We will be updating this as the research develops.

A note on preparing for nuclear war

Several people consider the medical supplies necessary for nuclear war. These range quite widely from Iodine tablets to supplies of pills to alcohol stores. Nuclear war is a divisive issue. Some sense it is impossible to prepare for and see it as exempt from prepping. Others place it centrally within their prepping.

Please feel free to comment after reading this post. As this is a research website, please note that any comments made may be included in the research. Do not share your name or any identifying details. Your anonymity will be protected in any research publications.

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